How Do You Know If You Have A Sleep Disorder?

How Do You Know If You Have A Sleep Disorder?

It’s natural to feel difficult falling asleep once in a blue moon. However, if the problem persists on a regular basis, then you are likely to be suffering from a sleep disorder. One common symptom people experience is feeling tired even after getting sufficient sleep. Sleep apnea, insomnia are some of the reasons that cause this problem.

With all the luxuries and technologies of the twenty-first century, it’s shocking to know that 33% of people suffer from at least one type of sleep disorder conditions. Here are prominent symptoms that let you gauge if you are one among the 33% that suffers from this problem.

1. Irritation: Our mind needs rest to focus on the everyday task. Sleep is how the mind recharges itself. When the sleep itself is the culprit its natural to feel irritated throughout the day. A quality sleep score is a good way to assess if the irritation caused is due to the sleep disorder. Sleep score assessment takes into consideration various components such as length of sleep, the time is taken to fall asleep, sleep efficiency, etc before giving out a quality sleep score.

2. Cold and headaches: Frequent cold and headaches indicate chronic illness. If you suffer from an intolerable cold, when you enter a building or board a bus then it is a sign that your immune function is impaired. You can monitor your sleep using the top sleep score monitors such a Sleep Gauge.

3. Anxiety: Again the power of a good night’s sleep can’t be underestimated. If you don’t sleep well, you might over think which results in increased stress levels and anxiety. If you feel too much stressed or find your energy levels low it is time to evaluate your sleep score using one of the top sleep score monitors.

4. Silly mistakes and confusion: Do you frequently misplace your keys or search for your phone only to find it in your pockets? Or did you just send a silly email to one of your clients? Research shows that people who suffer from sleep disorders usually make ridiculous mistakes as they always live in a state of confusion.

5. Excessive dependence on caffeine: Do you feel that you can’t work without having a caffeine drink? A human body has hormones to keep us awake throughout the day. But if you are sleep deprived or have a low sleep quality score, then its time to seek medical attention. You can evaluate yourself by using one of the affordable sleep score packages.

Mental health affects our day to day actions. Sleep is a vital factor that contributes to the mental health. Sleep Gauge has an affordable sleep score package.

You can order it online on All you need to do is sleep using the Sleep Gauge for 2 to 4 nights and send it back to them. You will then receive a detailed Sleep quality report which can be easily understood.