Did You Know About Your Sleep Score?

Did You Know About Your Sleep Score?

What is my sleep score?

The media is saturated with articles and information about sleep tracking devices and can help us understand the importance sleep is to living a healthy life.

The wristbands that require wearing every day can have comparisons in their own right such as best looking, ease of bragging on social media, best battery life, and much more. Those are all viable concerns if I am going to be committed to wearing something on my wrist every single day. I may have commitment issues because I don’t even wear a watch around my wrist each day so the idea of wearing a tracker around my wrist every day makes me twitch.

Since having to wear a plastic wristband, such as a Fitbit, around my wrist every day and night is not something I am not willing to do I prefer a device the device available at www.sleepgauge.com. I prefer this one because it is a simple, noninvasive sleep wristband that is worn 1 to 2 nights of my life while I sleep in my own home. No needles. No specimen vial. No prescription. No commitment.

SleepGauge provides the best device on the market, which is the gold standard for you to gauge your sleep and is used most often in trials for clinical research. The wristband is very durable and waterproof and does not require any input from the person wearing the device. The device provides an accurate sleep score and is able to separate sleep and awakenings because it senses light. It is able to detect sleep onset and extended monitoring of sleep patterns without any input from the person wearing the device.

One of the wrist devices that requires a commitment to be worn every day, Fitbit, is a simple device that tracks steps and sleep and features a wireless interface that requires input from the person wearing the device. This device is not able to differentiate between sleep stages. It focuses on detecting periods of disturbed sleep or wakes time during the night.

If you are looking for a way to find out how well you are sleeping, Sleep Gauge has a simple solution! SleepGauge is a company comprised of people passionate about sleep and exists to help people access, understand and benefit from knowing how well they sleep. Sleep Gauge knows sleep is vital to your relationship and worth the extra effort and can help you find out your sleep scores together. They even have family kits available and you can brag about your sleep score easily on social media too!

The knowledge SleepGauge provides with your sleep score can change the way you look at yourself and the world around you. It’s simple, non-invasive and is shipped directly to your home to wear while you sleep. No prescriptions. No Needles. No membership required.

Check Sleep Gauge out today at www.sleepgauge.com and order your kit to be on your journey to healthy sleeping!