Are You Sleeping in a Separate Room?

Are You Sleeping in a Separate Room?

What happens when you love someone so much and then discover they snore like a freight train? You know the type of snoring that is consistently so loud that it scared the daylights right out of you the first time you heard it.

Your spouse is such a deep sleeper that they have no idea. You already love the person. What are you to do? Nudge or shake them constantly until they wake up so now you are both exhausted. You find yourselves irritable and grumpy and both feeling resentment from this constant routine.

Since the snoring is keeping you from sleeping peacefully, you are now online searching every possible remedy. You are on a mission to help the one you love and get yourself back to sleep.

The remedies include nonchalant suggestions and a little cohesion to get your less than enthusiastic partner to agree to try them. So you try earplugs, nose strips, sleeping with a tennis ball on the back, skipping a nightly nightcap, a tower of 8 pillows rather than 2, blacked out window coverings, no television, mouth spray, and it goes on and on.

All the while, your spouse doesn’t see this as a real problem. Yet here you are literally contemplating hurting them while they are sleeping.

Now, you have found yourself sleeping in another room or on the couch just so you are able to function like a normal human being while at work. Choosing between losing sleep and sleeping separately can be a difficult decision and disappointing. The other option is to figure this out together and investigate solutions as a couple to make it work.

If you choose to figure this out together, combine powers to find the best way to get both the sleep and the intimacy your relationship needs. Combining powers may require some humor, a ton of understanding, and a little humility for this journey to keep you from sleeping on the couch.

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