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Sleep is the best meditation.

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Do You Know Your Sleep Quality?

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Sleep Gauge™ is helping people to track important information related to their sleeping patterns. Sleep Gauge™ is an affordable, efficient, and comfortable package that helps to find out your sleeping quality.

Learn about your sleep score with data only Sleep Gauge offers. The Sleep Gauge provides you with an in-depth report about your sleeping habits. The information includes total sleep time, wake time, time in bed, sleep efficiency, and sleep latency. The report will also give you recommendations and findings based on your sleeping behaviors. You will receive a sleep quality score.

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Sleep Gauge Device

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding your report or any other sleeping behaviors, one of our sleep specialists will help you.

How It Works?

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1. Order A Sleep Gauge

Get started with Sleep Gauge to learn about your sleep score with the data only Sleep Gauge offers.

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2. Read The Instructions Upon Arrival

Follow the instruction on how to use the Sleep Gauge. Contact us if you have any question.

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3. Use Sleep Gauge Over Night

For 2 to 4 nights, use Sleep Gauge as instructed.

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4. Return Your Sleep Gauge

Send us back your Sleep Gauge results after use. See our Rental Policy.

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5. Review Your Sleep Quality Report

After 48 hours, you’ll receive your detailed Sleep Quality Report that contains easy-to-understand information for your review.

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6. Contact Us For Sleep Consultation

Contact us and let our Sleep Specialist consult you on ways to improve your sleep quality based on your report.

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, Sleep is the best meditation.

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